Call for papers: IIPC General Assembly & Web Archiving Conference 2020

L’evento promosso dall’International Internet Preservation Consortium si terrà nel maggio 2020 a Montreal, in Canada. Deadline: 1 dicembre

Il 12 e 13 maggio 2020 a Montreal, Canada, si terranno le edizioni 2020 della International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) General Assembly e della Web Archiving Conference (WAC) . La conferenza sarà dedicata al tema “Expanding Horizons: how we build, use, and sustain web archives” (“Espandere gli Orizzonti: come costruiamo, usiamo e sosteniamo gli archivi web”).

In vista dell’evento, i promotori hanno lanciato una call for papers, sollecitando l’invio di varie tipologie di contributi dedicati ai seguenti temi:

  • Building web archives
    • Harvesting approaches, tool development, and related challenges
    • Collection development and curation
    • Legal issues related to collecting and accessing content
    • Ethical concerns
  • Enhancing web archives 
    • Capturing ephemeral and “non-traditional” web resources, emerging formats and domains
    • Archiving the long tail, beyond the top 10 blue links
    • Archiving social media (beyond APIs) and (mobile) apps
    • Archiving non-English language sites
    • Multi-lingual collections and their impact on curation
  • Sustaining web archives 
    • Archival business models
    • Economic or political successes and failures
    • Shared infrastructure
  • Researching web archives
    • Researcher collaboration models, experimental approaches, use cases, workflows
    • Building and maintaining research tools
    • Obstacles in accessing, using, and analyzing web archive holdings
    • Collaborative and interdisciplinary projects with GLAM institutions and beyond
    • Data sharing, publication, protocols, provenance
    • Computational linguistic research on multi-language collections
  • Value of collections
    • Articulate and demonstrate worth, internally within an institution and beyond
    • (Collaborative) collection development
    • Collection assessment and metrics
  • Training and teaching
    • Developing expertise among new practitioners
    • Sharing expertise and teaching materials among organizations engaged in web archiving
    • Teaching methodologies and best practices for practitioners/students/researchers

La deadline è fissata a domenica primo dicembre.

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